Bajaj Maxima – Everything You Need To Know

You can consider Maxima C from Bajaj as the go-to cargo carrier, especially for last-mile fulfillment. Besides being affordable, the Maxima C is extremely easy to procure and comes across with a host of productivity-enhancing features.

  1. Availability

The Bajaj Maxima  is available either as a CNG variant or a Diesel-powered model. While the CNG version is eco-friendly courtesy of the BS6 powertrain, the engine featured by the diesel-run variant is a better choice for the hillier terrains. Regardless of choice, the Maxima is easier to purchase with a three-wheeler loan. 

  1. Technical Specs

In case you want to invest in the Bajaj Maxima, you need to understand the technical aspects of the same, including the plus one individual seating capacity, 12aH battery module, and a decent ground clearance of 193mm. Besides, you get a single plate dry clutch on the diesel variant followed by an RH, foot-operated brake. 

  1. Mileage

The Maxima boasts of a decent mileage of 35kmpl for the diesel variant. This feature makes it a pretty good choice for deliveries.

  1. Finance Option

The Maxima is easier to purchase with a Three wheeler loan. You can get the loan facility from the Bajaj Auto Finance at the lowest interest rates.

To sum it up, Maxima from Bajaj is quite an affordable cargo vehicle, currently preferred by most fulfillment firms, owing to lower maintenance and quickest possible loan approvals. To get the instant approval keep all the documents ready and build a good credit score, after that apply for a loan and get instant approval on loans.

All You Need To Know About Bajaj Qute

Bajaj Qute has strengthened Bajaj auto’s position as the most trusted name in the field of three-wheelers. Despite being a four-wheeler, the vehicle is considered to be the best substitute of the old rickshaws. On comparing both the modes, the car undoubtedly has the upper hand in terms of performance and qualities. The Bajaj Qute (Quadricycle) provides the safety of a comfortable and efficient car while serving the needs of a five sitter commercial ride. Presently, it is hired on a large scale by several rental agencies. Moreover, you can easily spot the vehicle running on the roads of the six chosen states.

Apart from all the apparent benefits, the quadricycle prototype is perhaps Indian’s first venture into the field of the green mode of transportation. Qute is considered to be the first-ever Indian green vehicle. With a carbon limitation of only a marginal emission of 60 gms/km, it is also garnering a unique place across the global market. The most beautiful thing is that the vehicle is supported by a CNG powered engine, another innovation in the field of green-transport. To sum it up, the vehicle meets all the requirement of a generic ride while serving the eco-friendly cause at the same time.

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