Top 5 Bajaj Bikes in India – Check Price, Mileage, and Other Details

Bajaj Groups flagship company Bajaj Auto ranks the fourth largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. Bajaj is a well-known brand and is preferred because of the excellent service.

Top 5 Bajaj Bikes In India

Here’s some information regarding the top 5 Bajaj bikes price list and other essential features:

Model NameMileageDisp: (cc)Price Max PowerMax Torque
Bajaj Dominar 40025 kmpl373.27Rs. 262,144 *39.42 bhp35 Nm
Bajaj CT 110104 kmpl115Rs. 61,302 * 8.6 bhp9.81 Nm
Bajaj Platina 110 H Gear76 kmpl115Rs. 82,158 * 8.6 bhp9.81 Nm
Bajaj Pulsar 15065 kmpl149Rs. 125,416 * 14 bhp13.25 Nm
Bajaj Dominar 25035 kmpl248.8Rs. 214,084 * 27 bhp9.81 Nm

Bajaj Dominar 400, Dominar 250 are also popular as tour bikes. On the other hand, CT 110, Platina 110, and Pulsar are popular and affordable for regular commuting in the Bajaj bikes price list.


Bajaj bikes are the most favourable choice among Indian buyers. But before you purchase a bike, you should check the price, mileage, power and certain other desirable features. It will help you choose a motorcycle that complements your requirements. 

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Top 5 Sports Bikes in India You Can Buy on EMI

The market of sports bikes in India is further expanding, following past trends. Indian consumers are enthusiastic about the growth of the biking culture in India. The craze for sports bikes in this country is primarily because of the fascinating power and speed these two-wheelers offer.

List of Top 5 Sports Bikes in India –

Here is a list of the top 10 sports bikes in India, along with their estimated price that you can buy on EMI:

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 – Rs. 1,72,138

Bajaj Pulsar 220 F – Rs. 1,62,411

KTM RC 200 – Rs. 262,683

KTM Duke 390 – Rs. 354,586

KTM Duke 200 – Rs. 230,579

If you are looking for affordable sports bikes, you can go with Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 or Pulsar 220F, equipped with comfortable and powerful features. At the same time, you can purchase high-end KTM bikes with stellar efficiency and modern styles. 

All these sports bikes are fitted with efficient fuel consumption, braking, acceleration and can be easily purchased on affordable EMIs.

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Best Bikes For Long Rides 2021 – Browse The Complete List

Purchasing a bike for someone who loves travelling is a dream come true. Therefore, we bring you the top adventurous bikes of 2021 with their specifications. 

Best Bikes for Long Rides 2021 – 

Bajaj Dominar 400

Price- Rs. 262,144

Bajaj Dominar 400 offers a 373.27CC engine. It is one of the best bikes for long rides with LED headlamps, tail-lamps and turns indicators, digital instrument cluster and much more. It has a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine and a dual-channel ABS.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Price- Rs. 161,506

The bike has a low seat height, tall windshield, forward-set footpegs and wide handlebars, making it an ideal two-wheeler for long journeys. Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 also has an air/oil-cooled, single-cylinder engine giving you a displacement of 220cc with a single-channel ABS. 

KTM 390 Duke

Price- Rs 3,54,586

The KTM 390 Duke is a stellar sports motorcycle with a delicate balance between handling, performance and features. The bike has LED headlamps, a digital TFT display for the instrument console, and upright handlebars. 

The engine of the bike is liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 373.2cc and comes with a dual-channel ABS. 

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The bikes designed for long rides usually consist of powerful engines and a safer brake system to give you the thrill and safety. 

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What Are The Best Mileage Bikes In India – 2021?

Several factors determine the purchase of a bike in India. However, cost and mileage remain the key factors influencing the customer’s choice.

Mileage refers to the distance a bike can travel on one litre of fuel measured in kilometres per litre (kmpl). It determines the fuel efficiency and the long-term cost-effectiveness of a motorcycle. 

Best Mileage Bikes In India 2021 –

Bajaj Auto is one of the leading brands in India, among others that offer high mileage bikes. Refer to the table below to know the best mileage bikes in India in 2021:-

Bike loan facilities are available at low-interest rates.


Bajaj Auto, along with Bajaj Auto Finance, offer incredible bike loan deals to lessen the burden of purchase on the customer. With excellent financing options and robust mileage, and high-performance bikes, Bajaj is your one-stop destination for purchasing two-wheelers.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose A Two Wheeler Loan

Funding a two-wheeler with the help of loans is noticeably the most economical and secure approach. Loans help you buy the choicest two-wheeler without spending your savings. And to brace this, given below is the complete list of reasons.

Low-Interest Rates

The interest rates of a Two wheeler loan mostly start at 7.25%, allowing you to purchase and pay off your loan through small EMIs comfortably. 

Flexible Repayment Method

The repayment methods of these loans are very flexible. You can choose EMI and tenure according to your comfort. Moreover, you can also use a bike loan EMI calculator to get an idea of the EMI amount.

Less Time-Consuming

The time taken for documentation and approval is significantly less for a two wheeler loan. Some also offer options to apply online, simplifying the proceedings.

Minimum Down Payment

Most two-wheeler loans facilitate a small down payment. They offer finances up to 95% of the total price, helping you buy your dream bike at a low cost.


The bike loan EMI calculator is the unique feature offered by Bajaj Auto Finance that helps compare and decide interest rates and EMIs before making the final decision. Moreover, two-wheeler loans like the ones provided by Bajaj Auto Finance allow you to borrow 100% of the ex-showroom price.

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Bajaj Pulsar 150 – Top Facts About The Highest Selling Bike

The popularity of Pulsar 150 has been increasing rapidly in this super competitive Indian market. And the core reason for this is its impeccable features.

Top Features Of Bajaj Pulsar 150

  1. Performance

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is robust in terms of performance. Its unique DTS-i technology provides a max power of 14 PS and torque of 13.4 Nm.

  1. Comfort and Design

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is carefully designed, keeping in mind the comfort of the riders. It has:

  • Well-designed seats
  • Suspensions are hinging on telescopic front forks with anti-friction bushes and a five-step adjustable rear nitrox shock absorber.
  • 43 cm alloy wheels 
  1. Safety

Safety is always the top priority for Bajaj bikes. It solidifies this with features like:

  • 240mm front disc and 130 mm rear drum brakes to ensure fast and safe braking anytime
  • ABS for a super safe braking performance on any terrain
  • 12V full DC headlights
  • 1320mm wheelbase and tubeless tyres.
  1. Fuel efficiency 

Its DTS-i technology allows it to offer a fuel efficiency of 65Kmpl, and its tank can hold up to 15L of fuel.  

  1. Price

On comparing the Bajaj bikes price list, the ex-showroom price starts at Rs 96,960, making it affordable and worth buying.


These top-notch features of Pulsar 150 make it the best affordable choice available in the market on comparing the Bajaj bikes price list with others. 

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Top 5 Features of CT 100 Bajaj’s Best Mileage Bike

Many regard the bike as one of India’s best mileage bikes purely because of its outstanding features. Let’s look at these features in detail. 

Top 5 Features

  1. Very Comfortable And Stylish

The CT 100 has thickly padded seats made with the finest quality Rexine. It even has rubber padded tanks with striking graphics that add a touch of luxury to it.

  1. High Performance

The bike has a vigorous DTS-i engine that delivers outstanding mileage making it one of the best mileage bikes in India.

  1. Exceptionally Safe

It has a raised ground clearance and a robust crash guard, and its bellow on the first suspension adds more control. The CT 100 also has a raised exhaust and a flexible, clear lens indicator.

  1. Fuel-efficient

Bajaj CT 100 is fuel-efficient as it can hold up to 10.5L of fuel, and it also has a fuel meter for proper monitoring of fuel level.

  1. Inexpensive

The bike is affordable as its ex-showroom price starts at only Rs.51,520


Bajaj has produced a gem in the 100 CC version of the CT bike with an eye-catching colour scheme and an economical design. It is available in 3 colours – Ebony Black, Olive Green, and Flame Red, and is noticeably one of the best mileage bikes in India.

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How We Can Calculate Bike Loan EMI Online?

The prices of bikes these days are pretty high but if you play your cards right, you can easily buy your dream bike in no time by seeking financial assistance from leading lenders in India.

In this context, before signing the dotted line, you would need to make sure that you will be able to bear the EMI of the bike loan you have applied for.

How can you do that?

Well, most lenders these days have a special tool programmed into their official website. The name of this tool is a bike loan emi calculator.

How does it work?

Well, an online emi calculator will be using the all-too-familiar balance reducing mathematical method which will allow the tool to calculate the emi of your loan amount in no time.

What are the parameters that you would need to provide the tool with?

Well, before the emi calculator can spit out the correct EMI figure which you would need to bear for the tenure of your loan, you would need to provide the tool with the following parameters – 

  • The principal or loan amount you have applied or are planning to apply for
  • The interest rate that the lender has agreed or has advertised to offer and
  • The tenure or the number of years allotted to you to pay off the debt.

Major Factor To Consider While Choosing a Best Two Wheeler Loan?

Bikes in India are getting expensive hence the only option that remains for the average, as well as the motorcycle enthusiast, is to choose a bike loan. This post will try to shed light on some factors that one should consider while choosing a two wheeler loan. 

Bikes, whether they are made in India or are imported as CKD or CBU units, are pretty expensive these days. Hence, if a commuter or a motorcycle enthusiast wants to own the bike of their dreams then they would need to apply for a Two wheeler loan.

But how can one know for sure which loan scheme would suit them the best?

Well, they would need to choose a bike loan scheme based on the following parameters – 

You would need to make sure that the rate of interest asked by the lender is on par with your budget and does not increase the on-road price of the bike by many folds.

For the best results, make sure that the lender you are choosing has a bike emi calculator programmed into its official website so that you can figure out the exact amount you would need to bear as a recurring amount in the form of EMIs for the debt you owe to the lender.

The next consideration should be the time taken by the lender to complete all the paperwork and related formalities. You are finally buying a two-wheeler to make sure that your commute to work or a weekend leisure destination can be completed in style in comfort and that too in no time. Hence, if you choose a lender that takes a lot of time to complete all the formalities, it will also increase the time taken by the bike dealer to let you ride away in your dream bike to glory. Always choose a lender that offers electronic paperwork. In this way, you will be able to park your dream bike at your parking lot in no time!

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Top Mileage Bikes in India That You Should Buy in 2021

With the prices for fuel breaking the 100 INR mark, it is high time that people will start searching for bikes with the best mileage in India. It is time to take a look at some of the bikes from Bajaj that return the best mileage.

Bajaj has time and again offered the best bikes to Indian riders. Bikes from this OEM are not only reliable but also offer great value for money as well as return impressive mileage. In this context, it is time to take a look at some of the best mileage bikes in India from Bajaj – 

1. Bajaj CT 110 is the bigger sibling of Bajaj CT 100. The CT 110 is powered by the single-cylinder, air-cooled 115 CC engine that used to power the all-too-popular Bajaj Caliber 115. Over the decades it proved to be one of the most efficient and reliable engines produced by Bajaj. This is the reason why the OEM still offers the BS 6 compliant version of the engine in its CT 110 bike. The bike produces 8.6PS and 9.81Nm and comes with a refined 4-speed gearbox.

2. Next in line is the Platina 110 H Gear from Bajaj. This bike also received the much needed BS-6 refinements to its engine. It now comes equipped with a 5-speed smooth-shifting gearbox. The engine of the bike returns impressive mileage as well as performance thanks to its ability to produce 8.6PS and 9.81Nm.

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3. The next fuel-efficient bike from Bajaj is its Pulsar 150 that also received the BS-6 refinements. The bike has a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 149.5cc engine. It comes with a smooth-shifting 5-speed gearbox. The engine of the bike is capable of producing 14PS and 13.2Nm.

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