How Can We Calculate Bike Loan EMI Online Or Offline?

When you are planning to buy a bike, an EMI can be a  boon in disguise. EMI  helps you pay a huge amount in small manageable instalments. However, calculating EMI before you apply for a loan is important. It allows you to pre-plan your repayment by giving you an idea of how to distribute your instalments and over what period.

Methods Of EMI Calculation

There are two ways in which you can calculate EMI for your bike loan

1. The Offline Method

For calculating EMI offline, there is a simple mathematical formula: 

EMI = P x r x (1+r)n/ {(1+r) n-1}

P = the amount of bike loan you took
r = the interest rate
n= tenure in which you are supposed to repay the amount

The higher your amount of loan, the more will be the number of your instalments. 

2. The Online Method 

If maths is not the best of your subjects, the online method is a much easier way to calculate the EMI. Make sure you go to a trusted website like Bajaj Auto Finance, one of the top lenders, where they provide the facility of a  Bike loan EMI calculator.

All you need to do is fill in the details like loan tenure, amount, interest rate and get a personalized EMI result in a matter of a few seconds. 


You can use any of the two methods mentioned above according to your convenience. However, the online Bike loan EMI calculator is a better option as it eliminates errors and gives you faster results. 

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Top 5 Fastest Bikes In India To Under Rs 2.5 Lakh

When speed runs in your blood and adventure drive your motivation, you tend to explore your best options while buying a classic beast. And being on a maximum budget of INR 2.5 lakhs should not hinder purchasing your dream bike. 

So here’s a list of the top 5 fastest bikes in India that has got you covered:
Bajaj Dominar400 

If your passion for extended rides takes you off-roading in highway terrains, then Bajaj Dominar is a perfect choice. Dominar’s 373.3cc DOHC engine lets you go from 0 kmph to 100 kmph in just 7.1 seconds, making it one of the fastest bikes in India. Its Ex-showroom Price is INR 1.94 lakhs.

Royal Enfiled Classic 500 

This model tags to be a star in the Enfield stable, with INR 2.02 Lakhs Ex-showroom price, 499cc single-cylinder engine, and disc brakes.

KTM Duke 250

Slightly expensive than the Bajaj Dominar 400, this bike is a roadster fighter model which starts at INR 2.01 Lakhs in India, packed with a 249cc 1-cylinder engine and disk breaks.

Honda CB 300R

This Neo-Retro Cafe racer bike is priced at INR 2.41 Lakhs and comes with a 286cc 1-cylinder engine and disc brakes.

TVS Apache RR 310 

It is a magnificent faired motorcycle priced INR 2.40 Lakhs decked with a 312. cc engine and ABS brakes.


In a nutshell, if you are searching for a bike flooded with features, part of the list of the fastest bikes in India, and is pocket-friendly, the above-given list includes your best bets. 

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KTM Duke 125 – Highlights That You Need to Know

KTM has enthusiastically introduced the KTM Duke 125 in the crowded 125cc commuter motorbike market. The model is gaining more and more buzz with each passing day, and hence we bring you the must-known highlights of KTM Duke 125.

Design And Characteristics

KTM has chosen a simpler structure, unlike the worldwide-spec motorbikes, to keep prices down. To do this, the company has decided to use the bodywork from the current-generation 200 Duke. 

However, the bike has different artwork to set it apart. It has a lot of information (meters) on it, such as gear indication, range readout, clock, fuel consumption and so on. 

These additional features provide an unusual treasure of data to the KTM bikes in India, including warning lights, speedometer, dual trip meters, and coolant temperature. None of the 125cc motorcycles in the nation has these attributes. Only a few bikes in the 150-160cc category feature sophisticated instrument panels.


The KTM Duke 125 is powered by a DOHC liquid-cooled engine of 124.77cc with a single cylinder. It’s mated to a six-speed gearbox and produces 14.5 horsepower at 9250rpm. 

The bike is built on the same foundation as Duke 200 and has not spared any expense. That means you’ll have a WP-sourced trellis frame, rear mono-shock, and upend front forks. The fuel capacity of the bike is 10.2 litres with a price of INR 1.18 lakhs. 


Bajaj Auto Finance provides a huge range of finance options on the KTM bikes in India. You can visit their website to avail of two-wheeler loans and reduce your financial burden. 

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Major Facts Which Makes Pulsar 150 Is Best Bike In Its Class

The first bike that comes to the mind of any two-wheeler enthusiast while talking about powerful and stylish bikes suitable for daily use is Bajaj Pulsar 150. The significant facts which make Bajaj Pulsar the best two-wheeler in the 150 cc segment are given below.


Bajaj Pulsar 150 comes packed with a powerful 149 cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine that churns 15.1 PS @ 9000 rpm and 12.5Nm torque @ 6500 rpm. Moreover, the 5-speed gear helps the bike achieve top speed, a far cry for similar bikes in the segment.


The highest contributor to the recall value of Bajaj bikes are their unmistakable looks, and Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the pioneer that started the Pulsar magic on the roads.


Bajaj is quite generous in the feature’s domain. It offers a digital console, tubeless tyres, disc brakes, DC headlamp, engine kill switch, self-cancelling indicators, and plenty of other features as a part of the standard package of the Pulsar 150.

Price And Mileage

Bajaj bikes are loaded with features and are yet affordable for average Indian customers. Going with the trend, Bajaj Pulsar 150 comes with an ex-showroom price of INR 104 365/- in Delhi. Moreover, the bike offers a decent mileage of 65 kmpl, as claimed by the manufacturer.


Overall, Bajaj Pulsar 150 has been quite successful in the Indian markets due to the reasons discussed above. Moreover, with new updates like ABS and Dagger Edge design, it 
is expected to retain its position in the coming years.

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How Do We Calculate Two Wheeler Loan EMI?

Two-wheelers are a popular and affordable mode of transport for middle-class Indians and therefore they are in great demand. Two-wheeler manufacturers in India keep introducing new innovative technologies to make two-wheelers more fuel-efficient and value-for-money products.

Two-wheeler sales have seen a tremendous surge in India in the past three decades as anyone can buy a bike or scooter of their choice by availing a two-wheeler loan. Several Indian banks and private lenders offer attractive two-wheeler loans with a flexible repayment schedule to their customers. You can now apply for a bike loan online by visiting the websites of banks and this has made the application process a lot easier.

Once you plan to avail of a two-wheeler loan, you can use the online bike EMI calculator available on the websites of banks and private lenders to plan your monthly budget for repayment of the loan in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). With the help of the EMI calculator, you will be able to figure out your loan borrowing capacity and what will be your liability for paying the EMIs every month. You can also use a bike EMI calculator to restructure your EMIs by adjusting the tenure of your two-wheeler loan. The calculator assists you in choosing the right loan term and viable EMI as per your monthly budget.

To calculate bike loan EMI, there are three inputs required by the bike EMI calculator. Insert the loan amount for which you are eligible, interest rate, and loan tenure, and the EMI calculator will work out the entire calculation for you. 

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Here Is The List Of Best Bikes under 1 Lakh In India

Over the past two decades, the motorcycle market in India has undergone an extensive transformation with the entry of well-known foreign manufacturers vying for the market share. Their entry has made the market more competitive, with seasoned manufacturers such as Bajaj, Yamaha, Honda, and Hero MotoCorp introducing sports bikes with world-class features and styling.
Listed below are the best bikes under 1 lakh in India:

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise

The Bajaj Avenger holds the distinction of being the first cruiser bike in India. Bajaj did not update the bike for very long, but finally, in 2016, the Bajaj Avenger got an update and new variants. The Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is powered by a 219.9 cc oil-cooled engine that can produce a maximum power of 18.8 bhp at 8400 rpm and a maximum torque of 17.5 Nm at 7000 rpm.

Yamaha Fazer V2 Fi

Yamaha Fazer was first introduced in 2004 in India, and the 125cc bike has got many updates over the years. The bike has a sporty design with split headlamps and a dual-tone tank. The bike has a refreshing design and is equipped with a 149cc engine with maximum power and maximum torque of 13.2 PS at 8000 rpm and 12.8 Nm at 6000 rpm.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 was first launched in 2012 in the Indian market and was reasonably priced to match the budget of middle-class Indians. The success of this reasonably priced bike exponentially increased the sales of the Bajaj Auto, and several bike clubs were formed solely for this bike. 

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If you are looking for financing to buy your dream bike, you can take an easy two-wheeler loan.

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How to choose the best two-wheeler loan interest rates?

If you are planning to buy a two-wheeler on loan, there are several Indian banks and private lenders who are willing to offer these loans at competitive rates. You need to do extensive research before you opt for a two-wheeler loan and read the fine print of the loan agreement carefully to avoid any disappointment later on.

Getting a two-wheeler loan has become a lot easier now as you can effortlessly apply for it online from the comfort of your home. To choose the best two-wheeler loan, you should first visit the websites of various banks and lenders and do a comparative analysis of bike loan interest rates offered by them.

Your next step should be to work out the bike loan EMI as per your budget and this exercise can be done by using the two-wheeler loan EMI calculator available on every bank and private lender’s website. Just feed the tenure of the loan which is best suited as per your monthly income with the rate of interest applicable and the EMI calculator will give you the desired results.

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There are some other factors that you must take into consideration while choosing the best two-wheeler loan. Check out the additional benefits like zero processing fee, free insurance, and a free gold coin offer during special occasions. You can also bargain for a better interest rate if you are a loyal customer of the bank and have savings or a current account in the same bank.    

How to Choose the Best Bike Loan in India

Indian youngsters fancy driving a bike of their dreams to feel the adrenalin rush and make it their style statement. To make their dream come true, they either make a cash down payment to purchase their preferred bike or avail a bike loan to give wings to their dream. 

It requires a bit of effort to choose the best bike loan in India as one needs to do an extensive online search for banks and private lenders who offer two-wheeler loans. Bike loan interest rates vary from bank to bank, and one needs to research extensively to get the best rate with comfortable Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). 

Several factors influence the bike loan interest rate, such as customer profile, income, and repayment capacity. In addition, the amount of loan you are availing of and its tenure are the other two crucial aspects of a bike loan. 

It is advisable always to take a loan that you can comfortably pay every month in EMIs. You can finalize the tenure of the bike loan after considering your repayment capacity. Moreover, you can try to foreclose the loan if you have surplus funds. 

A longer tenure often attracts a higher interest rate. Therefore, choose the best bike loan after considering the above factors and enjoy riding your dream bike with peace of mind. 

How To Choose The Best Two Wheeler Loan Rates?

Two wheels are better than four especially in a nation like India where traffic conditions almost make it impossible for a car owner to reach point A to point B in time. Hence, lenders are always on the hunt for more customers by offering loan interest rates that are competitive.

So how can one choose the bike loan interest rate that is ideal for them especially when there are countless lenders out there!?

Well, that is simple.

Bike loan interest rates are decided by a lender after the loan officer considers – 

  • The financial capabilities and
  • The financial history of the applicant.

In recent years, lenders are, however, offering more leniencies towards loan applicants in a bid to attract more customers.

In this context, it is best to state that the loan interest rate, however, largely depends on the CIBIL score of the applicant. Even if the repayment habits and past financial history of the applicant are stellar but the CIBIL score of the same is poor, the applicant will end up getting awarded with a high interest rate.

Bike finance interest rates will be less for applicants who – 

  • Have a stable source of income
  • Pay their taxes on time and
  • Have a healthy habit of returning what they owe to their lender(s) on time. 

It also largely depends on the down payment for a bike along with the ex-showroom price of the bike. It can also vary depending on the requirements set by the bike dealer. 

Hence, it is best to sit down with a loan officer at a bike dealer and have a detailed discussion regarding financing your bike. It is one of the many ways you can keep your dream bike from becoming a financial burden for you, in the long run!

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How To Calculate Two Wheeler Loan EMI? Know All Process

Back in the day, EMIs were calculated using the traditional pen and paper approach but not anymore. Irrespective of the lender you choose, it is likely that when you open the official website of the lender, you will be welcomed with an online EMI calculator tool that will allow you to know your EMI against the loan you applied to buy your dream bike.

How does it work?

As soon as you have chosen your preferred two wheeler finance service provider, you would need to head on over to the official website of the same and look for the online two wheeler loan emi calculator tool. 

After that, you would need to put in the principal amount that you are applying for along with the rate of interest your loan officer is offering you and the tenure of the loan.

After you have provided the tool with the aforementioned details, you would have to press the ‘calculate’ button on the tool and wait for a few seconds. The result will be shown on your screen in no time.

In this context, it is best for you to keep in mind that irrespective of the principal amount if you choose a longer tenure period for the loan then your EMI will be very low and in case you want to reduce the tenure period for the loan then the EMI you would need to bear will be a substantial amount.

Apply for – Bike Loan

Hence, it is crucial that you choose a tenure that is right in the middle so that your two wheeler loan does not become a financial burden for you in the long run.

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