KTM RC 200 – Know The Pros & Cons of Best Sports Bike

Needless to say, the RC 200 from KTM is one of the best sports bikes in the country, best known for the brilliant design, engine strength, and other impactful capabilities. In the subsequent sections, we shall enlist the hits and misses of this two-wheeler whilst justifying the purchase, either using a credit line or upfront cash payment.

Good Things about the KTM RC 200

  1. Handling quality

This bike features projector headlamps and USD forks which beef-up the overall handling quality of this KTM Bike.

  1. Enhanced Aerodynamic ability

Perfect fit for riding through strong winds, courtesy of the elongated visor!

  1. Reliable Console

An all-digital panel that even offers driving improvement insights!

  1. Stunt-Friendly ABS

KTM RC 200 flaunts a single-channel anti-locking braking system that allows you to express your riding skills better.

In addition to these, this bike also boasts of improved performance owing to the 9.30-second mark relevant to 0-100kmph acceleration, innovative styling, and the 200cc engine.

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  1. Mileage

Low-value mileage might be a deal-breaker but it is more than obvious owing to the high-performance of this KTM bike.

  1. Smaller Fuel Tank

This bike comes with a smaller tank with a maximum capacity of 9.5 liters. 

Clearly, the pros outweigh the cons, making this one of the best sports bikes to invest in. 

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